Gilberto Cagliari Netto

Gilberto Cagliari Netto


Before coming to Ireland from my home in Brazil I worked in fashion, both in retail and as a model. I also had a couple of customer service roles, and I was fortunate to work with some of the world’s biggest brands. These were great schooling for me because their customers have very high expectations, and I learned a lot in terms of meeting those expectations with equally high levels of service.

When I first arrived here, I was the building receptionist at WeWork for 3 years responsible for welcoming international clients and anticipating their needs. Then in 2020, I was delighted to join Trust Matters as Building Manager and Receptionist because it has a warmth to it that I hadn’t experienced before.

I absolutely love being around people, I have lots of energy and have been told I never stop smiling, so this role is perfect for me! I am the first point of contact for the business, and I get to chat with all our clients coming through the door before they get down to the real business.

I take great pride in our beautiful old building, just as I do in my own home. It’s cosy and welcoming and we are genuinely one big happy family working in it.

When I’m not working my favourite things are spending time with my dog, Hope, going to CrossFit and having dinner with my friends.