Hear from some of the people who put their trust in us.
Our clients’ financial planning requirements vary greatly, no two are the same. But one thing they do share is the emotional concern over their financial future and how to manage it.

Victor Clarke

Clarke Jeffers & Co
“I have known, and done business with Andrew O’Loughlin for the last six years.
Initially Andrew provided some sundry advices to me but over time, and given his strong commitment, has taken over all my insurance and pension requirements, together with those of my firm and the relevant partners therein.

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Andrew has an extremely personable way about him while maintaining a very professional approach. I have always found his advice to be client focused and well timed. His knowledge of the pension and investment industry is second to none and at no stage have we ever raised a query with Andrew that he hasn’t been able to deal with efficiently and promptly. On top of this, Andrew has always been extremely accommodating, travelling to our offices in Carlow.
In addition to Andrew’s professionalism and deep knowledge of the industry, he has always been extremely approachable, good humoured and most importantly, sensitive to all our requirements. Quite simply he provides an air of confidence which is well backed up in the results that he has obtained for us and the firm.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew and his business. It is most refreshing to encounter a professional who is genuinely interested in the client and the client’s success, and is quite prepared to offer advice which other brokers may see as self-defeating to their own interests. Accordingly, and for this very reason, he has gained the absolute trust of myself and the firm and we see many, many more years of successful dealing together.

If you have any queries or questions at all I would be happy to address them.” (February 2021)

Dervilla O'Brien

“My defined benefit pension having closed down, I was very worried about my financial future. I didn’t have a clear picture of my overall financial position, and had no idea how to make up the deficit. Andrew O’Loughlin reviewed my situation, clearly explained all elements, and suggested some options to secure my financial future. He really listened to my requirements and I felt (and continue to feel) in control of my own financial destiny. I’m really happy I came to Trust Matters.” (August 2018)

Patricia Finnegan

“Understanding and wisdom are largely forgotten under an avalanche of information. Andrew crossed our threshold to give advice to my husband and I regarding investment and pensions. He showed great knowledge and depth of his brief and the ability to impart that knowledge over the years.

Sadly, my husband passed away. Andrew showed great kindness, understanding, consideration and support . He continues to guide and advise me, and I will be eternally grateful for his kindness. I absolutely trust his judgment and value his ongoing support.

“Dependability is the foundation of good character”. He is honest, trustworthy, reliable, always patient and… has a wicked sense of humour”. (November 2020)

Louise Giffney

“I am so very blessed to have Andrew as my amazing financial planner, and now one of my dearest friends. I have absolutely no idea what I would have done without him especially in the past few years. Losing my husband David was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through, and Andrew was there for both of us and the girls during the time he was so ill and especially after he passed away. I am forever grateful to Andrew for all the times he called to visit and spend time with us, it was a great comfort to David knowing Andrew would take great care of myself and the girls’ financial future.

Andrew has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met, and is such an expert in all areas financial. I wouldn’t trust anybody else in this world to take care of my financial future. Anyone who is fortune enough to have Andrew as their financial planner will have complete peace of mind and also an amazing true friend for life.” (May 2016)

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