About Us

They say when you build your team, they build your business… and we affirm that. We’re team players, with a wide range of skills and expertise to keep us at the top of our game. As a group we click, and not just for the corny jokes but because we share a desire and drive to offer the best-in-class financial planning.


The things that matter most to us are:

This is the foundation of our business. We have very close, personal relationships with our clients. They know us and we know them, very well. Open, frank discussions are a compulsory part of our relationships.

Honesty and strong moral principles are central to everything we do. Our business decisions are based on experience and integrity.

We build very strong relationships and friendships with our clients but never at the expense of a professional service. We ensure that interaction with our clients is consistently high quality.

We diversify a portfolio widely and spread your investments broadly to protect against losses.

We remain true to ourselves and to our clients. We continually strive for improvement and keep clients aware of all developments about ourselves, the markets and their investments.

We genuinely care about people, whether they are our clients, business partners or our team. We endeavour to see things from all perspectives to deliver the best solutions and results.

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